Star Food / Compounds
Functional Compounds
Functional compounds are used in order to stabilize Pre-Emulsions like Fat-Emulsions , MDM-Emulsions or Skin-Emulsions. You can use this blends as well in order to bind water in the products.

Brand Product Description Processing Information
Fibrisol 417 For all types of cooked sausages (emulsions) like cold cuts, frankfurter, fresh sausage and more.. 0.,-0.5% (3-5 g/kg) Fibrisol 417 to the total mass.
( Waterbinding )
CURAFOS 700 For all types of cured cooked products like whole muscle bacon, reconstituted bacon and more.. 0.3 - 0.5 % (3 - 5 g/kg) CURAFOS 700 to the final product.
( Waterbinding )
Euro Emulsifier 17 F Active ingredients for preparation of emulsified products. Additive/fat/water: 1/17/17