Star Food / Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat / Marination
Marination means injection or dipping of fresh meat (Chicken/Beef) in order to achieve a product which is more juicy, has a better taste inside the meat and a higher yield

Brand Product Description Processing Information
TARI Complet CB-3
Chicken meat Calibration. 12 -15 g / kg
20 kg per bag
Euro Top Zart N
Functional blend for meat and convenience products. 10-15 g / kg
22 kg per carton
Euro Top Tender CX-XL
Mix of functional ingredients for different kinds of meat products, intermediates and convenience foods. 11 g / kg
22 kg per carton
Aromica S
Seasoning for meat and convenience products, to enhance the taste. 1-2 g / kg
20 kg per carton